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July 2005

MUMUS Cocktail Ball

Post-Exam Function

May 2005

Dobbo's 18th

April 2005

Stewy's 19th


Random Funky Photos!

Volume 1




Laura Dobbo's 18th Birthday

Sorry the photos have taken so long to put up here! Website issues... But what a night it was: Fantastic cocktails, fantastic music, and stunningly attractive guests. When Laura throws a party, it is guaranteed to be a hit!

No many photos here yet, will add them.

Tim and Stewy are NOT twins. I don't see why people keep saying that. Just cos WE have fashion sense...

Kerith positively BEAMING in Bettina Liano

Mel and Sal managing to retain their dignity, even with flowing champagne

A few minutes later, all three have to resort to the wall for support...

Cameo by the birthday girl (note Swarovski cross-overs on dress front and back) with Hayden, Sal, Phil, and Lachie.

Nice group shot.

Mel, Stewy, Barcardi and company. And some incredibly loud contact lenses

Attempted artistic shot of Tim DJing.