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July 2005

MUMUS Cocktail Ball

Post-Exam Function

May 2005

Dobbo's 18th

April 2005

Stewy's 19th


Random Funky Photos!

Volume 1




MUMUS Cocktail Ball

July 2005

A fun night was enjoyed by all, at an abandoned warehouse in Kensington, with an interior that looked like The set of Phantom of the Opera had been accidentally left in a medieval castle. What fun!

Tej, Cass and Carlee in the luxurious comfort of a maxi-taxi

Carlee, Stewy, Garnier Bronze Up, Tan-in-a-Can, Chanel Bronzer. Enough Said.

But in the tan game, Tej and Shiromi still have Stew beat.

This is called "I resized the photo wrong'. So It's too big.

Model poses... or simply acute autism? Something only a qualified medic would know.

Siobhan and Stew having a great evening.

Siobhan, Tej and Cass. Apparently my digital camera turns Tej orange - she isn't in real life.

Way too much excitement at cocktails.

Carlee looking very concerned about Dan's dance moves (or lack thereof)

But she is quickly distracted by yours truly perfecting the "weird arm thing".