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Germany 2003


School & Scouts

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I attended the prestigious 'Kopernikus Gymnasium' whilst I was in Dinslaken. School was a fun experience, even if I didn't do a whole lot of work. Come to think about it, neither did the Germans... Maybe the Pisa Study does have a point after all.

s10th.jpg (10342 bytes) Melanie, and Ruth and I s12th.jpg (9473 bytes) The SV (Student Council) Room
s13th.jpg (10210 bytes) Me and the Chemistry Club..yay. s15th.jpg (9592 bytes) Tina and Judith E.
s14th.jpg (7430 bytes) Wer ist dat? s17th.jpg (9400 bytes) Sebastian and Pia
s16th.jpg (9680 bytes) Katrin and Henning s6th.jpg (6769 bytes) Der klein Lukas
s19th.jpg (9409 bytes) The School library s18th.jpg (11106 bytes) Me and Judith
s8th.jpg (10154 bytes) Natalie, me, and Funda s9th.jpg (12508 bytes) Henning, me, Pia, Tima, Judith, and Katrin
s7th.jpg (7729 bytes) Funda and a Koala s3th.jpg (8076 bytes) Linda from the 6th Class
s1th.jpg (10431 bytes) The year 6 english class I assisted in s2th.jpg (9698 bytes) Three boys from the year 6 english clas
s5th.jpg (7009 bytes) Daniel.. or Mirko... I'm not sure, they were twins s4th.jpg (7635 bytes) Some kid called Andreas

My host brother, Sebastian, was a leader in the Dinslaken Scout group. I had never been to a scout group before and was a little reluctant to attend at first, but I ended up having a great time. Here are some of the scouts.

sc1th.jpg (7297 bytes) Moritz sc2th.jpg (6232 bytes) Daniel
sc3th.jpg (11285 bytes) A random group sc5th.jpg (11940 bytes) The whole group...see if you can find me
sc4th.jpg (6561 bytes) Jonas sc6th.jpg (10244 bytes) Jonas attacking Sebastian