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Germany 2003


School & Scouts

Independent Travel

Gass Camp





GASS Camp ran from the 2nd until the 6th of January. It provided an interesting insight as to how Germans spend their summers, and warned us of our Gassie lives to come...

Click on each photo for a larger version.

gass11th.jpg (9422 bytes) The Australians with a genuine Goggomobil! gass15th.jpg (7810 bytes) Munnes, Tara, Laura and Stew
gass16th.jpg (5842 bytes) Travis modelling the latest in German fashion gass19th.jpg (7705 bytes) Tara and Anna, wearing newspaper
gass12th.jpg (10366 bytes) The Costume Party, theme "Everything Ecological" gass18th.jpg (9178 bytes) Stewy holding other people's alcohol
gass13th.jpg (9547 bytes) Seb, James, and Lachie gass22th.jpg (7591 bytes) Aschaffenburg Castle
gass23th.jpg (6027 bytes) The ever-photogenic Pia gass21th.jpg (10364 bytes) Pia wearing gladwrap
gass20th.jpg (7280 bytes) The terrible twins: Pia and James gass14th.jpg (5653 bytes) James marvelling at Stewy's travel itinerary
gass17th.jpg (8716 bytes) James and Tara enroute gass1th.jpg (9625 bytes) A random Costume photo
gass3th.jpg (9211 bytes) Lachie, Matt, and Naomi excited about their independent travel gass2th.jpg (9238 bytes) Not sure how to caption this...
gass7th.jpg (9761 bytes) Travis meeting his competion for the Ms. Germany titles gass8th.jpg (8289 bytes) Let's do the time warp again....
gass9th.jpg (11369 bytes) A stairway party gass5th.jpg (8467 bytes) Eating competion
gass4th.jpg (7160 bytes) Interesting Modern Art... gass6th.jpg (6669 bytes) A toilet paper wrapping competition