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Germany 2003


School & Scouts

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Gass Camp





After saying tearful farewells to our host families, the Stipi group met at a hotel in Berlin to prepare for a week of hardcore cultural exposure before flying back home.   Just when we thought our trip to Germany couldn't get any sillier...



h9th.jpg (7822 bytes) The very clean, newly renovated Brandenburg Gate h2th.jpg (5815 bytes) Stewy and the Gate at night
h17th.jpg (8499 bytes) Helen and Stewy with a peice of wall h4th.jpg (7393 bytes) The largest Catholic Church in Berlin
h11th.jpg (4691 bytes) The Gedächniskirche (Memorial Church), destroyed in WW2 h8th.jpg (3403 bytes) The T.V. Tower in East Berlin
h7th.jpg (6982 bytes) Inside the Reichstag h5th.jpg (6151 bytes) The dome on top of the Reichstag
h24th.jpg (7864 bytes) James, Naomi, Helen and Emily in the Reichstag h12th.jpg (6787 bytes) Us with a genuine people smuggler at Checkpoint-Charlie
h20th.jpg (6924 bytes) The famous sign at Checkpoint Charlie h13th.jpg (7428 bytes) The wall that divided a city
h14th.jpg (4231 bytes) All thats left of the wall in most parts of the city is this memorial brick path h22th.jpg (5176 bytes) James wearing a German flag and a Beret
h1th.jpg (8860 bytes) Sarah,. James and Helen at an Australian Pub h15th.jpg (7789 bytes) Stewy and Ada... Prost!
h23th.jpg (5065 bytes) Stewy and Maria (Our exchange student from 1999) h10th.jpg (9157 bytes) The whole group, scrubbed up to look half decent
h21th.jpg (7422 bytes) High Society Girls: Naomi, Emily, Tara and Mel h19th.jpg (7857 bytes) Isabelle, Stewy and Julita
h16th.jpg (5332 bytes) Tara: "That Camera is soo not turned on!" h18th.jpg (7312 bytes) The Berlin S-Bahn at 2 am
h3th.jpg (8380 bytes) Stewy have some trouble sitting upright h6th.jpg (6557 bytes) Em showing how to stay fresh after a 15 hour plane flight