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On the 20th of March, The Scotch prefects defending a long standing, highly prestigious reign of wins in a netball match against M.L.C. Not a lot else can be said....

These photos would only have been possible with the help and effort from James Hillis, thank you James.

(P.S. This page is only going to be online for a limited time, and If anyone has any objections, email me)

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Paddy displaying his new evening gown
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Barts and Riddell fired up and ready
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Captain Starke- "Does my butt look big in this?"
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Mitch and Ed unable to control their excitement
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John getting fired up
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Barts and Jamie watching the match keenly
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The author of this website in his spare time
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The victorious team signing autographs
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Mitch dreaming of a Gold in the Women's Coxed Pairs
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The game in action
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Mitch again
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Janko giving the pump up speech on the bus
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John ready to head off to the beach
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Jamie posing for the Camera
n11.jpg (61057 bytes)
Mitch filming himself
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Keck decides to stay conservative, while Janko chooses the Denim look
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Mitch and Dave just happy to be there
n21.jpg (47919 bytes)
Someone's proud to be wearing a feather boa....
n7.jpg (55089 bytes)
Mr Kong: "How you doin'?"
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Davis, Jamie, Dave, John, and John's Featherboa
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Cam too cool for school
n4.jpg (55068 bytes)
Mark and Ed - "Me? I thought you knew the rules of this game!"
n3.jpg (53929 bytes)
Ed again
n2.jpg (54737 bytes)
Mitch perfecting the "flex 'n drink"