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Scotch Formal 2002

Prefect's Netball Match

A.P.S. Swimming & Rowing 2003

Scotch Formal 2003

Choir Camp 2003

Class of 2003

Head of the River 2004


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Pre AMSA Ball

Med Trivia Night

Tej's 19th

My 18th Birthday Party

Term Three Pics and Events


Gold Coast 2003

Germany 2003

Europe and China 2001

Mount Martha



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The Olsen Twins

Christina Aguilera and Bjork


Travel Tips



Weird Maths: 


Henry II

The Black Rhinoceros

The Atomic Bomb



Photos - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Now with NEW Photos

Congrat's tothe Twins for graduating, and turning 18!!! How wonderful! I mean, Graduating isn't anything special, millions do it every year, but it must be soooo much harder when you have  a billion dollars sitting around to worry about. And turning 18.... Well, Turning 18 doesn't happen overnight, it requires hardwork, skill, and basically being smart  enough not to die in the first 18 years of your life.

Here are the Olsen Photos. These are here for a number of reasons:

  • More people will visit my website (This clearly works, check out the counter at the bottom of the page!)
  • I respect Mary-Kate and Ashley for the success they have become.
  • A request from Sal Logan.

Over a billion people know who Mary-Kate and Ashley (or, for that matter, Ashley and Mary-Kate) are. But, fewer than 400 can actually tell the difference! Well, here I can help:

Ashley Mary-Kate
Usually smiles with closed mouth. Shows teeth usually.
Parted her hair on the side for a while. Mostly parts her hair in the middle.
More Oval face. Rounder face.
An inch taller. An inch shorter.
Has blue eyes, without the greenish tinge of Mary-Kate's Has blue eyes with a tinge of green.
Right handed. Left handed.
Likes Dancing. Likes horse-riding.

Now, sit back and enjoy these photos of the richest twins on earth. Click on the photos for larger ones:

New! 18th Birthday Update!

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And the classics:

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And wallpapers for the really obsessed person:

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If these photos are from other websites and people object, email me at

If Ashey, or Mary-Kate, actually look at this website, I want them to read this:

    I totally respect what you are doing, I think that you both have talent in acting, marketing and otherwise and that you should use that talent. I admire your success and hope that you are having a good time with it. Have a great day. Any other help with this site would be much appreciated, and If I have written something false or something you don't want here,  just email me, .

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