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Germany 2003


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On the 6th of January 2003, three young, not-so-naive Australians met at Nürnberg Train Station.  Their task: To cover Bavaria, the largest state of Germany, in 5 days, then reach Bremen at the other end of the country. What they experienced defies description - Check out the photos below to see what I mean.

These photos are thumbnails. Click on them for larger versions.


b31th.jpg (8615 bytes) Cam in the best Youth Hostel of our trip - Nürnberg. b28th.jpg (5854 bytes) The Youth Hostel once more
b69th.jpg (4636 bytes) A random "looking into the bag" photo, out side the Nazi Rally Grounds b15th.jpg (6452 bytes) Inside the Nazi Stadium
b16th.jpg (5602 bytes) Stew, Cam, and Mr. Post Truck b30th.jpg (5089 bytes) Cam laughing at his own gluttony
b13th.jpg (6450 bytes) The memorial at Dachau Concentration Camp b18th.jpg (6656 bytes) Dachau Concentration Camp
b67th.jpg (8436 bytes) "Arbeit macht Frei" - The gate at Dachau b72th.jpg (7600 bytes) Cam and James overwhelmed with excitement at the German Museum
b36th.jpg (3548 bytes) The Olympic Tower, Munich b37th.jpg (6765 bytes) The Olympic Stadium, Munich
b38th.jpg (5950 bytes) Stew smiling and Munz eating in the Olympic Tower, Munich b45th.jpg (4442 bytes) The BMW Building near the Olympic Tower, in,   wait for it... MUNICH
b62th.jpg (5121 bytes) James and Cam admiring the fog up the Olympic To... enough said! b26th.jpg (5677 bytes) The Town Hall in Munich
b65th.jpg (7551 bytes) The Town Hall and Marienplatz b40th.jpg (6377 bytes) Munro and the mud, in the Supermarket
b21th.jpg (4721 bytes) Lea avoiding the Paparazzi b20th.jpg (6133 bytes) Lea again
b71th.jpg (6990 bytes) Three Australians and a German b22th.jpg (9329 bytes) Hey, why is this photo on twice?
b33th.jpg (7679 bytes) Circus Krone! The evil lady with her horses b74th.jpg (7162 bytes) Colonel Joe - reputedly the biggest Elephant in the world
b64th.jpg (6547 bytes) Colonel Joe in a less that dignified position b10th.jpg (7468 bytes) The tragic conclusion of MacDonald's world takeover
b24th.jpg (6533 bytes) Füssen - Just like a chocolate box b9th.jpg (5882 bytes) Hohenschwangau Castle
b70th.jpg (5507 bytes) Neuschwanstein and one very cold Stewy b8th.jpg (4477 bytes) Neuschwanstein
b7th.jpg (6717 bytes) Up close and personal with Hohenschwangau b27th.jpg (9207 bytes) Füssen Youthhostel...3 Australians... 60 Catholic Girls... you do the math
b39th.jpg (5483 bytes) Piggy-back races b47th.jpg (8547 bytes) Simmy enjoying himself
b3th.jpg (7863 bytes) The good, the bad, and the ugly b12th.jpg (7732 bytes) Stewy getting lost in the crowd
b63th.jpg (7604 bytes) Stewy about to be crushed by the crowd b19th.jpg (6403 bytes) Munro on the train
b73th.jpg (5825 bytes) Simmy, tired and on the phone b32th.jpg (5578 bytes) The youth hostel in Oberstdorf, where the lack of service is only second to the lack of food at breakfast
b66th.jpg (7423 bytes) The Cable Car up to the Nebelhorn... Capacity: 30 people b48th.jpg (6253 bytes) The Ski-jumps
b34th.jpg (6953 bytes) The Cable-car station b23th.jpg (6020 bytes) Stewy going up
b43th.jpg (6931 bytes) Munz and Cam going up b35th.jpg (5097 bytes) The picturesque (spelling??) slopes
b49th.jpg (6190 bytes) Cam and Munz on top of the world b52th.jpg (6493 bytes) Stewy on top of the world
b29th.jpg (6684 bytes) All three on top of the world b42th.jpg (6426 bytes) The ridge
b11th.jpg (7741 bytes) Cam and Munz... The gluttony begins b25th.jpg (6032 bytes) Stewy trying to look serious after eating too much
b17th.jpg (6046 bytes) Cam excited about the large gummy bear pack... b41th.jpg (6885 bytes) Cam again... Gummy bear pack has been eaten, He's starting on the pretzels
b53th.jpg (7413 bytes) Deutsche-Bahn ain't what it used to be - The flooded toilet b61th.jpg (6970 bytes) We caused this 5 minute delay
b58th.jpg (5226 bytes) The Ulm Cathederal  - The tallest Church in the World at 160.1 metres b57th.jpg (6617 bytes) Stewy up the top
b60th.jpg (6314 bytes) Inside the Cathedral b59th.jpg (5301 bytes) The Base of the cathederal
b46th.jpg (5120 bytes) Sim drinking Coke b2th.jpg (7497 bytes) A brand new ICE train
b54th.jpg (8688 bytes) The girls on the train b55th.jpg (8007 bytes) Munz entertaining the girls on the train
b50th.jpg (7449 bytes) The Bremen City Music Animals b5th.jpg (7525 bytes) A doena - The staple food of Turkish Germany
b51th.jpg (4834 bytes) Time to Say Goodbye! Simmy leaving us at the Station   A particuarly bad snowstorm