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Photos - The Olsen Twins

Here are the Olsen Photos. These are here for a number of reasons:

  • More people will visit my website.
  • I respect the Olsen Twins.
  • A request from Sal Logan.

Over a billion people know who the Olsen twins are. But, fewer than 400 can actually tell the difference! Well, here I can help:

Ashley Mary-Kate
Usually smiles with closed mouth. Shows teeth usually.
Parted her hair on the side for a while. Mostly parts her hair in the middle.

Now, sit back and enjoy these photos of the richest and most plastic twins on the face of this earth.

Click on the photos for larger ones:

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7t.jpg (4763 bytes) 10t.jpg (3541 bytes) 8t.jpg (5081 bytes) 5t.jpg (2530 bytes)

And wallpapers for the really obsessed person:

w1t.jpg (4023 bytes) w2t.jpg (4379 bytes) w3t.jpg (7127 bytes) w4t.jpg (3796 bytes)

If these photos are from other websites and people object, email me at

If Ashey, or Mary-Kate, actually look at this website, I want them to read this:

    I totally respect what you are doing, I think that you both have talent in acting, marketing and otherwise and that you should use that talent. I admire your success and hope that you are having a good time with it. I am not the type of person who sits at newsgroups for hours obessessing over your possible different hair colours or insipid rumours. Have a great day. If I have written something false about the differences between you, just email me, .