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Year 11 Formal

The Scotch Formal was a great night... here are some of the photos that I took. If you have any to add of object to your photo being on the internet, contact me.

A lot of these photos are really big files, so these are the low-quality versions. If you would like better quality, email me.

f1.jpg (49481 bytes) f10.jpg (39889 bytes)
Ed and Jess livin' it up Cadey and Laura - the happy couple
f11.jpg (31592 bytes) f13.jpg (52162 bytes)
Runner's World: Stewy (me) and Kim Thilo providing a cross-cultural experience for Sarah
f15.jpg (49833 bytes) f6.jpg (68863 bytes)
Fi trying to be inconspicuous at the afterparty Dave and Fi getting cosy at the Formal
f14.jpg (72717 bytes) f4.jpg (43176 bytes)
Fairlie and his girls (Steph and Fi) High Society - Kate and Jasmine
f2.jpg (30641 bytes) f5.jpg (50713 bytes)
Sally and Emily at the afterparty Kim, Cam and James on the dancefloor
f9.jpg (45282 bytes) f8.jpg (100646 bytes)
Murder on the Dancefloor: Jasmine and Stew Dave and Hayden discussing the meaning of life
f7.jpg (54841 bytes) f12.jpg (49349 bytes)
Kim and Stew remaining calm and composed Cam breakin' it down
ScotchAP.jpg (96480 bytes) privateschoolpartychaos.jpg (49610 bytes)
The aftermath... thanks to Hayden for scanning this.... Murray ain't going to be a popular guy... The Herald Sun however just sensationalised it even more...