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No one is interested in these, but I have decided to put them on my web page anyway. If you know that I have forgotten something, or you would like to see a new list here, email me.

Favourite Songs (In rough order)

1 Howard Blake - Walking in the Air
2 Martyn Bennett - Play
3 Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
4 Rob Zombie - Dragula
5 ABBA - Fernando
6 Creed - Arms Wide Open
7 Martyn Bennett - Harry's in Heaven
8 Novaspace - Time after Time
9 Oliver Twist - Consider Yourself
10 Wagner - Gotterdammerung


Favourite Movies (In Order)

1 The Silence of the Lambs
2 Terminator 2: Judgement Day
3 Apocalypse Now!
4 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
5 Billy Elliot
6 American History X
7 Psycho
8 American Beauty
9 Aliens
10 The Exorcist

Favourite Books

1 Northern Lights Trilogy - Phillip Pullman
2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling
3 Hannibal - Thomas Harris
4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
5 Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad

Best Acting Performances

This  is judged on (i) Depth of Character, (ii) Age of Actor, (iii) Realism of Character, (iv) Ability of Character to work with the script., and (v) Lengths to which the actor went to in order to fulfill their role.  Please remember that I have not watched every movie ever made. Email me if you disagree with something.

1 Jodie Foster - Silence of the Lambs
2 Anthony Hopkins - Silence of the Lambs
3 Hillary Swank - Boy's Don't Cry
4 Frankie Muniz - My Dog Skip
5 Edward Norton - American History X
6 Jodie Foster - The Accused
7 Stuart Wells - Billy Elliot
8 Jodie Foster - Anna and the King
9 Martin Sheen - Apocalypse Now!

Most Interesting Cities

Not including Melbourne. In a very rough order.

1 San Fransisco, U.S.A.
2 London,United Kingdom
3 Kathmandu, Nepal
4 Beijing, China
5 Singapore, Singapore
6 New York, U.S.A.
7 Zurich, Switzerland
8 Sydney, Australia
9 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10 Paris, France


More coming Soon!


Stewart 1998