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Europe and China 2002

Originally we were to travel to California, then to Switzerland and Germany, then to China. This fell through due to September 11, however we were still able to go to Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Germany, China and Singapore. Not a bad effort, all up.

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Jungfraujoch - The highest train station in Europe Macdonalds, Beijing Style
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It's like catching a train through a chocolate box! Lucerne, with the famous wooden bridge in the background
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Cologne Cathederal The famous singing clock in Bern, Switzerland
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View from the Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland The Forbidden City, Beijing
e5.jpg (67037 bytes)  
I took this from our hotel window in Bingen, Germany, without any zoom lens. We were literally next to the largest train route in Germany, which was fun until the midnight express rolled past every night.