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About Stewy

Some would consider it self-indulgent and arrogant to make a page dedicated to ones' self, but I'm going to anyway.

Where to start? Let's do a little survey card thing:

NAME: Stewy M

AGE: 19

OCCUPATION(s): Medical Student, amateur film maker, club bunny, fitness nut, website designer, try-hard musician, nursery worker, tutor, and many others that it would be a bad idea to list here!

FAVOURITE FILMS: Dogville, Bad Education, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Dancer in the Dark

FAVOURITE SONGS: Bjork - All is full of Love, Pagan Poetry, Pluto , Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto, Anything Tiesto

I like to keep busy, whether its at uni, out, or with the various organisations I'm a part of. I'll give anything a go, particularly if it sounds challenging or in the least controversial. However, I always try and make time for my friends and will go out of my way (usually to the other side of melbourne at some ridiculous hour of the morning) in order to help them out.

But maybe this is wrong, and i'm really an arrogant pig with a distorted sense of self! Get to know me and find out for yourself.

I'm someone who takes on more than I can chew.... and then swallows.


And if you're interested in any of the organisations I'm involved in...

The Society for Australian German Student Exchange


Monash University Faculty Of Medicine


Please note I take mo responsibility for the content on these sites, and they take no responsibility for the content on my site.